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Good evening.


I propose to return almost the old design of the application that was on version 3.0.4 but leave some elements of the new.


Right now











The point is probably clear. Return as it was but with elements of the new.


2. To return the old design as it was with the name of the text that divided the sections in monitoring and the map (instead of the text, the map showed better).






But leave the elements of the new design.



Add server to monitoring Dota 2 World of Warcraft (all parts) Lineage 2 S.T.A.L.K.E.R (all parts) I waited for a long time when these servers would be added, I hope to add in the new update.

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New design use a data-list elements, old uses a table.

Can you send me a IP addresses to this servers (dota 2, wow, lineage 2 and stalker) for tests?

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All the same, the old design was nicer on monitoring than what is now worth it, how can you make it more comfortable and more beautiful. With regards to ip addresses, there all the addresses under the domains go, but which ports I don’t know 🙂 Look for yourself. And as far as I know, in order for these servers to work there you need to enter the database from the server in order to work in monitoring.

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I can give our servers ip, but I do not think that they will work for you.🙂



wow set realmlist – Port do not know)


l2 - 


stalker  – Depends on the server stalker for 3 parts there.


Added another server Aion may be able to add it 🙂

aion –



I haven't found Doty 2 yet)


Mostly they go through the launcher or on the domain l2.rolyar.ru also WoW everything I could find :)

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@naXeFor Lineage 2 and WoW not found with the port yet. But I found a couple more servers for other games.


Space Engineers server



HurtWorld server

world of wacraft Pandaria Island - 5.4.8


I suggest something similar to do in the design.


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Added another server


Game: Sniper Elite V2 
Address:   Port: 27010


Game: Quake 4   
Address:   Port: 28004  


Game: DOTA 2   
Address:   Port: 27025


Game: Call of Duty : Black Ops 
Address:   Port: 3074


Game: Call of Duty : Black Ops 3 
Address:   Port: 36000  , Address:   Port: 3104


Game: Doom 3 
Address:    Port: 27666


Game: Mafia 2 
Address:   Port: 27015 , Address:   Port: 27326


Game: FarCry 2
Address:   Port: 9001


Game: WarCraft 3 PVPGn

Address:  Port:6112

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