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  3. PawelMF

    sortowanie listy

    witam propozycja pytanie dotyczy dyskusji z tematu propozycja aby dodac opcje aby serwery same sie sortowały po licznie osób online
  4. TheeDeer


    How can I display my rust server? Does this not support the latest rust servers?
  5. CEIA

    Server List

    How do I download the images? Step by step please
  6. added support for Chatbox+ Plus added information about no entries added today added a widget dodano wsparcie dla płatnej wersji Chatbox+ dodano informację o braku dodanych wpisów dziś dodano widget
  7. added display amount of entries in the hovercard and profile header can set how much member must have posts to be able to post in the chatbox dodano wyświetlanie ilości dodanych wpisów w hovercard i nagłowku profilu można ustawić ile użytkownik musi posiadać postów, by móc dodawać wpisy w chatbox
  8. Witam. Odpowiesz mi na GG bo mam problem z tym server list ?


  9. naXe


    [YouTube API] added ability to set default tab (latest videos or channel info) added missing language strings [YouTube API] dodano możliwość ustawienia domyślnej zakładki (najnowsze filmy lub informacje o kanale) dodano brakujące frazy językowe
  10. Thanks for your sugesstion! This option has been added in next version.
  11. Can you make it a option to show which tab you want shown as default in the widget we are using this as a YouTuber Spotlight thing and want the Info tab to show first
  12. naXe

    Donate + server

    These apps will not be in mass sales. If you want to buy - priv
  13. sTaTiiiCz

    Donate + server

    Hi, will this Donate addon and Server addon be released also on IPS community the Donation thing looks really nice and also the server list much better then your previous versions i hope you will release it on IPS i will defintly buy it grtz
  14. naXe


    [YouTube API] added more info about videos [YouTube API] added some info about channel [YouTube API] excluded getting playlists fixed minor errors [YouTube API] dodano więcej informacji o filmach [YouTube API] dodano kilka informacji o kanale [YouTube API] wykluczono pobieranie list odtwarzania poprawiono drobne błędy
  15. naXe


    fixed layout added more settings poprawiono wygląd dodano więcej ustawień
  16. naXe


    initial release pierwsze wydanie
  17. zorix

    look gg

  18. Możesz podać adres IP i port jakieś serwera altV MP?
  19. Proponuję dodanie wsparcia dla gry altV MP (altv.mp) dla tabelki serwerów.
  20. No, FiveM dosn’t have a query port.
  21. does fivem have a query port if so what is it
  22. forumts3_uz

    Server List

    Are these stalker clear sky and stalker call of pripyat servers supported?
  23. forumts3_uz

    Server List

    New Game: Aion Server Address: Port:2106
  24. forumts3_uz

    Server List

    @naXe Is there a promotion with the addition of new servers?
  25. forumts3_uz

    Server List

    @naxe Added another server Game: Sniper Elite V2 Address: Port: 27010 Game: Quake 4 Address: Port: 28004 Game: DOTA 2 Address: Port: 27025 Game: Call of Duty : Black Ops Address: Port: 3074 Game: Call of Duty : Black Ops 3 Address: Port: 36000 , Address: Port: 3104 Game: Doom 3 Address: Port: 27666 Game: Mafia 2 Address: Port: 27015 , Address: Port: 27326 Game: FarCry 2 Address: Port: 9001 New Game: WarCraft 3 PVPGn Address: Port:6112
  26. naXe

    Server List

    Hurtworld and space engineers are supported by the app
  27. forumts3_uz

    Server List

    @naXeFor Lineage 2 and WoW not found with the port yet. But I found a couple more servers for other games. Space Engineers server HurtWorld server world of wacraft Pandaria Island - 5.4.8 logon.iwow.uz:3727 I suggest something similar to do in the design.
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